The Science Behind MaleGenix

Ultimately whether or not a product is effective or not comes down to the science, which largely has to do not only with the ingredients involved, but how they interact with each other. Many of the ingredients themselves found in MaleGenix have been used for thousands of years for their sexual enhancing abilities, however we did not fully understand them back then as we do today.

Advances in technology allow us to isolate specific compounds in these ingredients which we can use in a concentrated form to amplify their effects. This separation of certain compounds comes with the added benefit of eliminating many potentially harmful compounds which in turn means less side effects for the user.

The Penis Enlargement Secret

Penis enlargement is not just one simple process, but is the result of many processes working together in sync to provide the user with an improvement in blood circulation and blood volume to penile tissues. In doing so this fills up these cavernous spaces with blood allowing them to expand further, resulting in bigger and harder erections. All penis enlargement drugs and erectile enhancers work around the idea of improving blood flow to the penis.

MaleGenix works by redirecting blood flow to penile tissues through the use of vasodilators and PDE-5 inhibitors which supply these tissues with the additional blood that they so desperately need. The delayed-released aphrodisiacs allow the ingredients within MaleGenix to circulate throughout the body over a greater span of time, allowing the user to benefit from a permanent change in penis size as time progresses.

Biologically Accelerated Sustained Expansion(B.A.S.E.) Formula

How MaleGenix works, 5 Steps to a Bigger Penis.


The APEX formula kicks in, enhancing the absorption rate of the ingredients in the formula. The acceleration creates a “boost” effect to the other ingredients in the formula, further enhancing the impact of each ingredient to the body. Within minutes, users would experience a surge in libido, followed by an erection.


The second phase of the APEX formula comes into play, further enhancing your erections through vasodilation. Improved blood vessel dilation improves erection hardness and firmness, while temporarily increasing your erection size. Through continued use of MaleGenix, you can create a permanent increase in your erection size.


The APEX formula and the B.A.S.E. technology finally synergize, combining the effects of aphrodisiacs and vasodilators. The combined effect further increases blood volume and pressure in the cavernous spaces in the penis, triggering an expansion of the elastic penile tissue. The expansion creates more space for blood to fill, which results in bigger, harder erections.


The B.A.S.E. technology further enhances the reaction, prolonging the effects of testosterone in the body. The aromatase enzyme inhibitors prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and estradiol, which intensifies the aphrodisiac effect while minimizing the risk factors of erectile dysfunction.


The combined B.A.S.E. and APEX formula comes into full bloom as it enhances the sexual stimulus experienced by the user, while inhibiting key neurotransmitters that prolong the refractory period. By taking MaleGenix regularly, men can experience more sexual arousals while experiencing a heightened sense of sexual pleasure.